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We have a taken a long, hard look at canvas andimaging industry and decided to change a few things, hopefully for better. We decided to buy the best canvas material money can buy, use the best equipment and not compromise on quality for a few cents more profit. Add all this and you get Pics Alive.

Stretched Canvas

canvas print

Bring your photos or let us do a photoshoot and let our brilliant designers change them into beautiful pieces of art. We can edit them, improve them or make a collage of pictures. More »

Personalised Puzzles


We can convert any picture into 1 or as many puzzles as you wish. Currently our puzzles come in A4 shape, A3 and Heart shape as well as Dinosaurs for the little ones. Marvelous GIFT idea. More »

Blockmounts and Posters

block mount

We have also come up with a wide range of framing and blockmount solutions ideal for decorators and ones looking for something unique. More »


About Us

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Not going to do it the cheap way! If others want to do it, it's their business.

We invest in the best equipment, talent and resources and that's how we are different.

And surprisingly, our prices are the best by far.

Pics Alive is a new Imaging & Printing business specialising in Canvas Printing and framing, Personalised puzzles and blockmounts.

We don't say we are the best, we try to be. We aim everyday to learn something new and let these expereinces be our guide. 

It's simple, you bring your family photo or that of a loved one or a picture that you have taken and are simply proud of and we will edit, re-touch and print on any size canvas you like.

We also offer additional services such as graphic design, collage design, photo editing and conversion.

Speak to one of our highly trained staff members and they will guide you on our products and how best they fit your needs.

Franchise Enquiries

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Pics Alive is a new concept with loads of innovations in all technical and business aspects that sets it apart from other businesses and competitors.

This exciting concept is also available in form of a franchise where we provide all necessary training, equipment, design and tools.

Franchise is available in 3 forms for small startups to a full photo studio/ workshop setup.

Lowest Prices, Top Quality Service

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We like to keep our overheads low and run a lean and effective business.

This allows us to provide competetive pricing without compromising on quantity.

Customer is the best judge. Our products have been compared over and over and we have always come on the top. We can't repeat this enough.

Our core services

Custom Made Frames

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We are not limited to the size of our prints or the frames we make.

We can manufacture frames down to the milimeter of accuracy and make the print fit perfectly.

Please contact us with your query and we will submit a competetive quote accordingly.

Clearwater Mall, West Rand
Upper floor, Opposite Reggie's Toy Store

Contact: Kia >           Call: 083 215 1636


Call: 083 663 5396 (Arashk)

Fourways Mall, JHB North

Next to House & Home

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Welcome to our newest store:

Cradlestone, JHB West

Upper Floor, Main Entrance, Opposit CNA

Contact Alpesh>    Call: 083 299 3800

Bedford Centre, East Rand


Link Court, Woolworths Entrance (Passageway between PicNPay and Woolworths)

Contact: Nina >      Call: 073 737 9488